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Hello, Dreamer!

Welcome to DreamLifeRoad (DLR):

A community of people from all over the world who are popularly known as Dreamers.
These are people who want to be Boss instead of working on 9-5 hr Job and moving towards it.
DreamLifeRoad is started as a passion by the Founder “Sameer Khan” and It is now helping people around the world.

Here is what you will found on DreamLifeRoad:

  • 85% tips on Success, Motivation Stuff, Life Changing Ideas, Business Startup-Ideas; The Other 15% is covered by Other Category 🙂
  • Smart money making Tips, Sound awesome? But not that easy.

Do you want to change your Life?

Don’t worry! Here You will found all the practical tips which help you to take your life to a better way. You will also be going to read lots of Stories about Life, Success, Motivation Etc.

Everyone wants to start Business. Don’t you?

Yeah! I know everyone 🙂 But, Majority of people stuck with only 2 word:- No Money. So, I would like to say to them. Starting a Business required almost- “No Money” If you know How to do it.
Feeling Excited? DreamLifeRoad also tells you Business-Start up Ideas which you can start with almost No Money 🙂

Want to know more?

So, This is not Ending, At DreamLifeRoad You will find tons of Posts which are going to help you amazingly Personally and Financially.

Founder: Sameer Khan (That’s Me) 😀

Sameer Khan

Sameer Khan is a Passionate Blogger from New Delhi, He is from an Army Family. Father, Being an Army Officer.

I am the mind behind DreamLifeRoad But I ‘m a really simple Guy who loves to live a simple life. I completed my graduation in 2015

Happy moment come again while writing:- I was a college Topper 🙂

After Completing the graduation and prior to becoming a Professional Blogger  I worked with Bank of America.

One of the turning points in my life: when I quit my Job at Bank of America in pursuit of my own journey as a professional blogger.

I started blogging out of my passions for learning & sharing. In 2015, I got to learn about blogs & it took me a couple of months from then to start my first blog.

I started on the BlogSpot platform & within a few months, I moved to WordPress.

I found blogging to be a great medium for sharing my favorite things with the world. Initially, I started writing random stuff, but later on, I discovered how to make money blogging. I discovered “The Way” to become my own boss through the power of the internet. This was when I started sharing those things that worked for me. 

That’s how DreamLifeRoad was born.

Blogging has given me so much more than money.  It’s given me a sense of freedom that I didn’t know was possible. I currently live a “free” lifestyle where I travel around the world and blog from anywhere & everywhere.

I mostly spend time with my Blog :* But When I’m not on my computer, I love traveling & playing Cricket (My First Love) 😀

So yeah, that’s all about me. I’ll leave you with this moment of relative seriousness:

That’s it for now! See you next time, Dreamer!


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