How To Build Self Confidence

16 Simple Ways To Build Self Confidence

One thing I got to know about myself is I always scared to do a new task and that’s because, If I get fail. Then?

At that time, I realize this attitude needs to change to build self-confidence.

How To Build Self Confidence

How To Build Self Confidence

Self confidence is the ability to believe in yourself. In fact, There are lots of benefit of self-confidence.

  • It will help you to stay focused
  • You will take action instead of getting worried.

People who are self confident often get good results. Now, The thing is:

Are they born with lots of confidence?

No that’s not true. No one is born with a lack of confidence or good confidence.

These people have developed it by following some steps which are required to build self confidence.

It is a process which requires some continuous effort with proper discipline.

I want to tell you, It is not an overnight game. Learn some steps and start building it from the next day.

But, This is for sure if you practice the below mentioned steps for some period Of time. You will always find yourself with full of confidence.

1. Think Positive

Positive Thinking has a huge impact on your actions. If you think positive, you will take positive action. On the other side, If you think negative. It will going to impact you in a negative manner.

Benefits Of Positive Thinking

  • Reduce Stress level.
  • Improve Focus.
  • Keeps you healthy.

I can understand you may found it a bit difficult to develop this attitude. when you are trapped by negative thinking from the last couple of years.

But, It is not impossible, you can do it with some practice and control of your thoughts.

It is mandatory and first step towards to build self confidence.

2. Say No To Negative Thought

I have already told you the benefit of the positive thoughts.

When there are such a huge benefit of positive thoughts. Don’t you think what would be the effect’s of negative thinking?.

It will impact you badly and going to affect quality of life. Here are some points which tells you the loss of negative thoughts.

  • Reduce Productivity
  • Create Stress
  • Health Problem’s & lot more

I request. If you want to live a happy life, avoid negative thinking to enter in your circle.

3. Positive Affirmation

Who is the best person in the world?

Yes! you are the only one. realize your potential, you are are a combo of many good qualities, talents etc.

Make a habit of affirming yourself on a regular basis. Are you not aware of the power of affirmations?

It’s a wonderful thing to motivate you whenever you want. It will make you feel happy and also helps to build self confidence at a faster rate.

4. Visualize Yourself

If you want to achieve any goal, How could you achieve when you don’t imagine about it?

You have to visualise that particular thing if you want to get it. It’s a simple yet effective strategy.

Let’s better understand with the following example:

Mr A want to start his business. He only wishes for it and not taking any action.

Would be able to get success? No, I don’t think without any miracle it’s possible.

There was another man “Mr. B” who also wants to start his business. He daily visualizes about his goal, gathers some ideas and makes a new strategy.

Would he be able to start his business? You know the answer.

In fact, He not only starts his business successfully. Also, There is a major probability to get huge success in coming days.

5. Don’t Scare

Don't Scare

Are you always ready to do any kind of task? If yes then great you are a winner.

There are only a few people who are ready to do anything. I believe there may be a couple of things in the list which you feel scared to do.

Don’t feel afraid and try to escape yourself from tasks if you want to build self confidence.

Like; You want to speak on stage in front of the people. But, The thing is you are scared to communicate in front of the people.

So, what is the deal & what can you do? Its simple “start communicating in front of the people”.

This is the only way, If you are scared of something don’t run away from it rather face it with full potential.

I know it sounds weird as I am trying to do the work which you are afraid from.

Believe me, Once you start facing challenges. You will feel a lot better and it will build your self confidence.

Later on. A time will come when you are ready to face any challenges.

6. Perfection Kills

I have realized many times when I want to finish the work with perfection. It makes me low confident and demotivates also.

Why is it so? There is nothing like perfection for any particular thing. No work is perfect.

Now, It doesn’t mean I am saying, don’t pay attention to your work and blindly complete it.

Give your 100% shot to the work and don’t think whether is it perfect or not?

I have seen most of the time, People feel doubtful for their work and keep modifying it to give a perfect look.

It costs them wastage of a lot of time. Time is precious, Don’t waste it on useless activities.

This is human nature when you see any other people work. You will feel, Ohh! yeah that’s perfect one.

On the other hand, You will feel doubtful for the work which is being done by youitself.

Do your work in an appropriate way and don’t engage yourself in useless things i.e perfection etc. That’s is the key.

7. Talk With Inner Voice

Have you ever noticed why negative thoughts keep triggering in your mind?

It may be because of your past experiences or environment can also be a reason i.e friends, neighbors, colleagues

You are so busy in this world. You have time for everything useful or useless activities and no time to talk with yourself.

Talk with your inner voice, what’s going wrong? Why do I feel negative?

You can get some amazing ideas. Yes, that’s true! There is a bundle of golden ideas hidden inside you.

Unfortunately, You never tried to find them. As You were engaged with a comparison to other people.

It is also possible, You may have tried to follow other people idea but don’t get any success.

Remember, Every person is different. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

Realize your own potential and go with your idea.

8. Appreciate Yourself

Complaining has become a part of life. You focus on those things which you don’t have.

  • You compare yourself with another student i.e dress, shoes, etc and complain.
  • Comparing yourself with another colleague i.e working environment,salary, designation and complain.
  • You see other people expensive mobile’s, motorbikes, cars and complain.
  • You compare yourself with another colleague i.e working environment,salary, designation and complain.

Why do you focus on these useless stuff’s? Your life is precious. Don’t ruin its momentum for these stupid reason’s.

When complaining becomes a habit. This is the indication, You are forcing yourself to being unhappy

Learn to appreciate yourself with all the things which you have. Be thankful to ALMIGHTY.

You are living the life which millions of people still dream.

9. Enjoy Present Moment’s

Life is too short to waste. Enjoy every moment like a whole life. Past is gone you can’t change it.

Future is about to come so there is no need to worry about it. The only time which you can control is NOW.

It totally depends on you. You can make it better or worst.

Take the steps which are hard. But, full of rewards in the future


You can do those things which gives your pleasure for sometime and regret it later.

Choice is yours “What do you want later on”.?

10. Take Small Action

I have seen people kees planning big things. But, Never focus on small action’s.

This results in de-motivation for them and quit the race.

Focusing on the big stuff is not bad. The key is to take more action to achieve the big one.

You can see any of the examples in real life. Every Big stuff is a combination of small actions.

If someone is rich. He has not achieved the mark in one or two days. There were thousands of struggle and failure stories behind it.

If want to achieve any long term goal or dream. You have to take the small actions which are required on a continuous basis.

Don’t focus on the big goal. Focus on your small action. If you do fair deal with the actions you ‘ll reach there.

Keep remember, you can’t reach there without the support of small action’s

11. Ready To Win

Forget all the past mistakes and forgive yourself. Bind with thought whatever may happen? I will not feel negative.

Stay away from all kind of negative thoughts. It would attack you in many ways.

  • You don’t have this tool. You don’t have that thing blah blah
  • This is not a perfect time
  • I will do this from tomorrow.
  • Things are not going right with me

These all are stupid excuses. You know better tomorrow never comes. Okay! Please tell me- How many times did you have given such excuses to yourself in the past?

Many times? Now, Tell me one more thing. Have you ever take action later on? I know the answer.

Stop taking the support of these stupid excuses behind your failures. If you don’t have any tool, time is not going fine.

Forget about all this nonsense. The right time is now. Charge up yourself to win the race and be trust full with the effort’s.

12. Care Yourself

Take care of your body. Engage yourself in healthy habits.

  • Exercise in the morning
  • Healthy diet
  • Avoid junk food
  • Walking

Also, avoid those activities which are not good for your health.

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Consumption of lots of junk food
  • No walking and exercise

These negative habit makes you lazy which result in the least productivity and later on converts into stress.

No one will come to remind you. Hey! Take care of your body. You are the only one who can do it in a better way.

Although it is mandatory to live a happy and fruitful life.

13. Stop Comparison:

How To Build Self Confidence

Problem start coming in the life when you start comparing with others. I don’t understand why you compare with others?

There is no benefit except loss. Learn from other people mistakes, success stories.

Don’t try to compare. I have talked about this above also because I don’t want you to do it.

When you keep yourself engage with comparing to others. In the meantime, you miss those opportunities which are knocking at your door.

Be original, Be Yourself” focus on the stuff which can make you better.

Yeah! You are right. But?

What? Still not convinced to follow this attitude.

Okay! Here is the list to the people like you, who wants to compare themselves with others.

  • Compare yourself with the blind person?.
  • Why don’t you compare with deaf or dumb?.
  • Is there a big deal to compare with mental people?

Compare yourself with this poor fellow and you will realize your value. How precious you are?

I request you to ” please stop comparing with other and live happy life” If there is any kind of comparison involve?

You are missing the happy part of life.

14. Learn To Accept Rejections

This is not possible to always get acceptance. Sometimes, You may have to taste the rejections also.

Learn to face it.

Once you learn this art. You ‘ll be amazing to see the result “How fast your self-confidence is flowing smoothly.

Not understand?

It’s simple what I mean to say? Be confident and positive even after facing rejection instead of being upset.

There is a famous story of a person who has made 100 crazy requests willingly to get rejected.

Later on, He told when I got rejection’s one by one. It helps me to build of confidence.

You can also follow this kind of trick to build self confidence.

Do you feel shy to talk with a girl? Here is the Golden tip. Reach out to girls and make some crazy request.

This will not only help you to build self-confidence.

There is a high probability you can also receive slap as a free gift 😀 Jokes apart, Don’t do this

It is not a good thing to irritate girls. They are cute 🙂

15. Self Doubt Goodbye:

How To Build Self Confidence

Have you ever noticed? Sometimes while doing the work you feel doubtful about it?.

It shouldn’t happen focus on your work and be confident.

Ok! What is the thing which is making you doubtful? ohh! I got it you want to give a perfect shot and that’s why you are a bit nervous and doubtful too.

I already said you there is nothing like perfection. No work is Perfect and it needs modification from time to time.

If you remain doubtful regarding your work it will hamper productivity and you can’t give your best.

I don’t think you are not willing to get the best results. So, The questions is “How could you that”?

Be confident and focus on the work. It is as simple.

16. Pass Smile

This is the last tip yet powerful which surely contribute in the process to build self-confidence.

It’s simple. You can even try this at this moment.

When you give smile. The indication go into the mind and brain release a happy hormone which ‘ll make you feel positive and also boost your confidence.

  • Paas smile when you greet with anyone.
  • Give smile towards children

This kind of small activity not only helps you to build self confidence. It ‘ll also make you feel a lot better.

Do You Agree ? Okay! pass a smile right now,

You didn’t pass any, How cruel you are?

How To Build Self Confidence?

  • What steps ‘ll you take to boost self confidence?
  • Share your past experience, what causes low self confidence?

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