How to deal with depression

How To Deal With Depression

Depression means to lock yourself in the thoughts of prison and not coming out from it. If your mind gets stuck at one place and life keeps going on. How can you enjoy the momentum of life?

If you have read my previous articles you may have noticed, I always emphasize on time. I keep reminding you of the value of time. It is the most precious thing and you can’t waste it.
I can understand it’s a bit difficult to deal with depression. But, it’s not impossible. I have locked myself in this room more than a past year.
 I know how it feels?
So, I am telling you the some most effective ways to prevent depression which I have implemented in my life to deal with depression. It ‘ll also help you to dealing with anxiety and depression and to live a happy life again.

1. Don’t Be Alone:

This is the first and most important step to deal with depression. If you try to remain alone, thoughts will attack you at a faster rate. So, Try to come out and get yourself engaged in outdoor activities.

How to deal with depression

I know you don’t want to come out but I request you to do the same. It’s almost impossible to deal with depression if you live alone. Living alone is bad for your health and It’s difficult to deal with depression until you don’t want to involve yourself in some other areas.
You have to push yourself to come out otherwise how to deal with depression
Ok! You don’t want to hang out with your friend, You don’t want to join any shit party. That’s fine! don’t do it, What I mean is? To move yourself out from the boundary of the room is an effective method to deal with depression.
Even going to a shop is also moving out. I usually go to the park which helps me in 2 ways.
  • I see hundreds of other people over there which divert my mind to some other area.
  • I get a chance to do some sort of exercise which is beneficial for the mind and body to deal with depression.
No! I am not doing uplifting there, walking is also an exercise which is simple yet effective. Many people think only doing some heavy thing is exercise. No, it’s not, This is only a misconception.

2. Make a Goal

Make a list of goals which should be done by the end of the day. It’s a really hard thing to do big stuff when you are in the situation of depression. No need to worry, break your work into the smaller piece and focus on it at a time.
Don’t engage in multitasks at this moment, you are already facing a problem with your focus level and it will overwhelm you. Do a small thing and only focus on it.
When you are in the state of depression it becomes problematic to do any kind of work. You are not interested anymore. Is it possible not to do any work and get happiness?
No, it’s not
You should be concerned about the work and figure out how is depression affecting your work? Take some appropriate actions to deal with depression.
Yeah! This is a major problem, You can’t survive without work. Don’t combine your personal and professional Things altogether. It has many negative effects. This is your work and only you have to do it. No one is going to come.
“Hey! Buddy ” please do your work” you are so only responsible for all the negative results.
So, Try the work don’t get impacted.

3. Connect With People.

You can connect with people, It can be anyone; friends, colleagues, relatives etc even stranger is also beneficial for you in this stage. When you get to engage with these people, They ‘ll involve you in a sort of discussion.
How to overcome depression
 It’s also an opportunity to learn from them which can help you in many positive ways. They can also give you some advice regarding your career.
If you told them about your situation, They will also give you emotional support. I must say don’t engage yourself in this point of life in any shit conversation ” political debate” etc
Otherwise, you will meet his brother too and depression will come from two sides.
How To Deal With Depression

4. Forget The Past:

People say remember your past but I don’t agree with this point completely. If you keep living in the past, you will get stuck in one place.
At this time, You are in a state of depression, to deal with depression, you need to forget the past.

I know sometimes, How difficult is to control your thoughts?. but that’s not impossible. If you are dealing with this problem to get stuck in the past. Here are the 5 most effective ways which help you to forget your past.

Change Mindset.

You need to change your thoughts, why do you keep thinking about people like:

What is a positive mindset?

  • What people think about me?
  • Why he or she is doing like this ?and all blah blah.

No, It’s not a positive mindset, Positive mind keep you always positive and productive.

Negative thoughts take you in a negative direction. If you play with positive words it will take you to a positive direction. So, why not to choose a positive one?

Say Goodbye To Negative Friends:

In every people life, There are some negative people who are always ready to you send free negative gift’s all the time. They are eager to give you the negative advice.

  • Hey! that’s not correct way which you are doing.
  • You are not so eligible to do this activity. etc

you need to cut these people from your list.  better to be focused and dedicated towards your work.

How to be happy

These people are becoming a hindrance for you. so, you can give them a sweet goodbye .

Set New Goal

The easiest and fastest way to  forget your past is to make a new goal and engage yourself on it. When you start working on a new goal, Your mind gets diverted from depression to action.

you will realize after some time. when you found yourself in a good mental healthy state and think it was a good action to made a new goal.

When you’re making a new goal.  ask some questions to yourself.

  • Is it worth?
  • What ‘d be the consequences, Is it positive or negative?

If all the answer is positive then go for it.  I have asked you to analyze your goal prior to work on it. Because I don’t want you to make any negative goal. Like:  After breakup, Many teenager’s thinks, Let’s find another girl or boy whatever?

4. Stop Talking Past

Are you trying to become hero in front of people?  Are you telling them your failure or success stories of past? If you are doing such kind of stuff, you need a break.

Stop talking past
It’s better to forget the past to deal with depression

Stop doing this and try to understand.  no one care for your problems, pain, happiness etc except your family.

It’s better not to disclose these things to anyone else otherwise sometime it leads to more depression or frustration. you can talk with your family or close friend circle.

How to overcome depression
It’s better to forget the past to deal with depression

5. Learn to Forgive

Sometimes, people come into your life to teach you crucial things, It may possible they make you hurt for any possible reason. Now, what are you trying to do?  are you planning to take a revenge?

No, that’s not right attitude.  They were the villain who has gone from your life and taught you important lessons. Let them go and don’t permit them to enter in your mind.

why are you wasting your precious time on those people who don’t give a damn for you? forgive them to move on. Don’t you know the benefits of forgiveness? If you still have proble, Below are some ways which will help surely you out.

Self Awareness:

become self-aware,  what I mean to say about self-awareness is whenever you found a signal which is pushing you towards that person.
come out from the this thought instantly,

It is easy to change your mind initially.  it will be difficult if you keep on thinking further. your mind will enjoy the negative thought and later on, you will regret, Oh!  I have wasted a couple of hours.

Time is precious don’t waste it on anyone especially for those who are not caring about you.

Review You Summary Of day Every Night

Have you ever tried to notice?

  • What activities you have performed all the day?
  • How many mistakes did you make?
  • Do you learn from those mistake?

No!  because you don’t have time.  I know you are the busiest person in the world and never have time. when you can spend your couple of hours with smartphone or even more.

So, what’s the problem if you give a little bit of time for your development and betterment to deal with depression.

It’s a good habit to review your daily activities in night before sleeping. it will hardly take 5 or 10 minute and the value is unspoken.

Point out your mistake, learn from it and promise not to repeat again. Once you maintain this habit you will be amazed within few days. The results would be splendid,  After analysis, you will cut all those negative things Which are stopping you to deal with depression.

Don’t Blame Others:

Stop blaming people for negative outcomes,  you are solely responsible for any outcome. Why are you blaming now ? Did you ever think about  this before? It’s not too late.  you can still change your situation.

What do you need?

you only need a  mind with positive thoughts. forgive the person and move on.

Find yourself:

Try to spend most of the time on your development rather thinking about those Stupid people. They might have hurted you in the past. It’s a shocking you are taking revenge from yourself  from two ways:

  • Present
  • Future

Yes, you are taking revenge from these two places. you are making your present worst and it will also going to impact you badly in the future. If you waste time. Please don’t do this and stop taking revenge to deal with depression.

Take Responsiblity

Stop making excuses and be responsible for your work. Time is going too fast. that’s why learn the art of moving yourself with the flow of time.

How to overcome depression

Do your work in an efficient manner. no one is going to do your work.  it’s all your responsibility. don’t combine professional and personal things together.  it ‘d affect your work.

Be Kind Not Right:

In life how many time do you have to compromise? fe time it’s a good thing.

Why don’t you compromise with this situation?  be kind and forgive. it does not matter at all, you have to be right every time.

Many complications get solved when a person try to compromise instead of being right. Though person is right.

Live in present

Stop living in the past, see how lovely the weather is? enjoy this time. How many golden opportunities are waiting for you. say hi and shake hand with those opportunity. you will start realising how colourful life is.

The best part of living in the present is you are always prepared to grab the opportunity and it’s not possible when you are trapped by living in the past.
unfortunately, you lose some good opportunity. Try to avoid it, Be present be better

No More Judgement

Why do you keep judging people so hardly. Is there any benefit of doing this? Are you getting a paycheck?


So,  why are you wasting your time and energy?  It’s totally worthless to judge people. This habit is leading you to darkness. Come back without going too far

Do What You Love To Do

Start doing the things which makes you happy and delightful. This is one of the powerful and effective way to deal with depression. There are countless benefit if you do the things which you love.

More Productive;

You will always be ready to do the work, The best part is when you do the things which you like you never felt a burden. you would not get frustrated,  no matter how much the volume is, You will keep enjoying it all the time.


It will keep motivating you for the work.  you ‘ll also keep doing the work happily to finish it before deadline.


I have seen people with a lot of money and property but they are not satisfied. Why? because they haven’t doing the work of their choice.
Money is a necessary part of life but it can’t give you happiness all the time.  

If you do the work of your choice. You will feel more fulfilled. How awesome it would be?  when you enjoy and grow at the same time.

No Excuses

Why do you make excuses? Because You are not doing work of your choice and You will stop making stupid excuses which you were making it since childhood. It’s pretty easy to do the work whenever you want.

Boredom On Long Day

There is no chance you will feel bored time. you will going to enjoy every minute over here. you can even make work more enjoyable with your creativity power.

Self Motivation

When you do the work which you are passionate, you don’t need any external motivation. you learn the art to become Self-motivated. you are always ready to do the work happily.

Serve Others Better Way:

Ok tell me, Don’t you think when you are doing the work happily you can also serve other in a better way. like your customers etc.

Enjoy Dealing With Challenges:

I love this one you will definitely love to dealing with challenges  instead of running away from it. Every time you face challenges. it will give you an experience And collection of these experiences make you a better person.

Learning and Improving:

Learning is a process which never needs to be stopped, The level of learning is limitless,  you can learn as much as you want. This learning attitude will always help you in life. when you do the work you prefer, You always keep learning and improving yourself.

Play with creativity

Now, you are your own Boss. don’t need to wait for anyone order. No more boring task. it all depends on you, do whatever you want in any style.You have full chance to show your creativity and enjoy.

No Procrastination

Procrastination is dangerous and one of the major hindrance towards success, when a person do procrastination? It’s simple when not interested in the work. Procrastination will go on long break and you always feel energetic to do the work

Successful Leader

When you are doing much hard work, taking the risk and brave steps to move forward. It will boost your internal character and also help you to find a better leader out of your personality.

7. Regular Exercise:

Exercise is incredibly important for a person if done on a regular basis. there are many benefits of exercise.

  • It will not only keep you good physical and mental health.
  • You ‘ll able to deal with depression at a faster rate
  • It also helps you to become an attractive personality and keep yourself free from all diseases.
  • Keep you free from all diseases.

I don’t think any person on the planet doesn’t want to have. These 3 things are mandatory for a better personality.

  • Good health
  • Attractive look (Weight loss and not fat.
  • Free from diseases.

Apart from this there are several other benefits exercise.  let’s look at those benefits.

Improve Mood.

It improves your mood and keeps you stress-free.  how to mentally overcome pain? In fact, it also makes you an energetic personality. Now,  think about it.

when you are feeling good and stress free. How much productive you would be?  So, make the habit of doing exercise on a regular basis.

Boost Energy

I have already said about it. Exercise will make you energetic  and help you in getting out from your laziness prison.

I know, No one wants to be lazy,  but there are only few people who come out from this trap?  So, if you eagerly want to be productive and planning to say goodbye to your laziness. At this time you need a tool and exercise is the best option for you. Go for it.

Keeps You Healthy:

In this digital age, you are using numerous technical things which have made for your benefit i.e car, motorcycle, laptop, smartphone etc. This is very unfortunate to say,  you still lack utmost important which is required to live a happy life. That’s none other except your health.

Yes!  that’s your responsibility to take care of it. If you want to go smoothly for the long run. You are busy with life, you even don’t have time to even think about health which is the most important part.

Yes, The most important part because it’s almost impossible to live a happy life without health.  it’s your duty to maintain a good physical and mental health and you can do it by spending only few minutes for your body and do some exercise.

Exercises have many health benefits and you can start to se result from initial days.

Improve Focus and Concentration:

you start doing some work 5 minutes ago.  suddenly you got a notification and start seeing the smartphone,

The Journey Begins  from email to Facebook  next stopTwitter and finally you landed at YouTube. What is this?

This is called lack of concentration power.  you are not the only one who is facing this problem.  there are countless number of people who are going with this problem and not paying any attention at all.

here come the important role of exercise.  it will improve your focus and concentration and more productive.

what are you waiting for?  no Green Signal will come to you. you are the only person to take responsibility

Stress Free

Have you ever noticed why all this sort of stress only comes at your door? How to prevent depression? because you are an innocent person who easily invites to the party.

This party cost you a lot at the later stage,  you should avoid this type of parties. You can invite exercise instead of stress. It will protect  you from the stress and play the role of Bodyguard.

Makes you happy

Are the above  benefits are not enough you to motivate for doing exercise. Okay!  you want some more benefits?

yes, There are many more start doing exercise and see the result by yourself

8. Healthy Diet:

In this era, There is a trend going on to love junk food.

Are you also a lover?  if not that’s great and if unfortunately, you are in deep love with it.  stop this dirty love. Junk food is not good for health in any manner. There is a simple key to become healthy. How to end depression naturally

start taking the diet full of vegetable. It will not make not only your food tasty. Vegetables provides you call the hygienic stuff and  nutrients.

You will be healthy and active. Disease will start going for vacation from your spot to find any other innocent person. Make sure to take healthy diet regularly.
you can’t invite disease to the party. There are some more benefits  of vegetables.

Weight Loss:

The major portion of the person on the planet are suffering from fat problem . Also, some people are taking medicines and nutrients to do the magic.

They are unaware, The magic lies in vegetables. Yes, it helps in losing the weight. If you add little bit exercise with the vegetables, you can dominate the health.

Enhance mood:

Are you a person whose moods keep fluctuating? and most of the time it goes at negative side And a rare chance to find a place in the court of positivity. How to treat depression?

Believe me You are not taking healthy diet, that’s one of the main reason.  once you start taking healthy diet you will find yourself in the positive state.

Good For Heart And Brain:

Heart and brain keeps working for you 24* 7.  if they are working a lot, don’t you think it’s your responsibility to do do some favour for them In return?.

yes, it’s your responsibility you can easily do this by taking and nutritional diet  which is found in vegetables. you are helping heart and brain to do work properly for you. Don’t forget to give this return.

9. Proper Sleep.

Sleep is an  incredible important part of life and you can’t ignore it. This is your duty to take a proper sleep.  So, your body can perform actions in a better way.

I am sure you may have noticed.  when you awake after taking a sufficient sleep, you feel so relaxed and light On the other side, if you don’t find it In night. Unfortunately, The next day is going to be full of burden and irritation.

How to deal with depression? Below are the reasons why you needs a proper sleep?

Increase Focus:

It will increase your focus level, The more focus means more productive. If you  don’t want to sleep but feeling fatigue.

you can go for short nap.  Even 10-20 can do the magic to make you energetic.

Connect With Depression:

The Studies says when you start betraying the sleep.  you start connecting yourself with the depression. How to deal with depression? Do you want a relax mind or a depressive one?  Choice is yours

Affect Relations:

The problems haven’t finished yet. Here is one more: You have a meeting with your best friend after a long time.

so, what can you do?  do you have any other option to come out from this problem at a faster rate? No! Not any

  • How can you be able to gossiping with your friend?
  • How can you make the  better interaction of eyes?

In a simple line, There is no alternative to sleep. You can’t compromise with it.

10. Don’t Recall Past.

Are you living the way of fuddle personality to memorize the past frequently? Recalling the past can make your life bit difficult. The bad news is Past is gone, don’t recall it.

The good news is “Bright future has almost opened it arms and waiting for you to enter”.

11. Take Action:

The last but not the least option which will help you to change thoughts to deal with depression and anxiety. Take some actions to move forward and come out of this situation.

You are the only one who has to take this action,  no one will come to you and give you free chocolates to deal with depression. Sorry! it doesn’t work this way.

If you are not ready by yourself to take sacred action. Who will take it from on your behalf? stop procrastination,  stop making excuses and go on a drive to fight to overcome depression.

Action has important from every aspect being it to overcome depression, face challenges and make a movement to see positive changes in life. Everything requires proper action. Below are the highlights why action is important as a diamond.

Happy Moment

It’s not doubted when you take action.  it make you happy. taking action is not a simple thing only a brave person can do it. you have  taken the action.  congratulation you are a brave person.  

it’s time to enjoy. there is no such thing like small action or massive action. every positive action is equally important thing. No matter small or big.

Bitter Truth:

The things only change when you take action. if you don’t take an action nothing is going to change. The opportunities would migrate to another adress.

No Complain:

When do you complain? When the star is in a idle state. What can you do for time pass?. You can only throw some negative pins by blaming others and complaining.

If you take action,  the only thing you can do is to do your work,  you can’t tolerate your time on useless activities. no complaint, no blame.  only focus towards your work/

Overcome fear:

A person only fear until or unless  he don’t take action when you start focus on action to sort out things in a better way,  you remain positive no reason to get scared.

Boost Confidence:

Confidence and  taking action are interrelated,  when you take any positive action you become confident and ready to face any kind of struggle.

Learn New Things:

You got to learn many new things which keeps adding a value in your life, If any kind of risk is  involve in your action. It will enhance your potential and makes you a better person.

No Regret:

Regret only comes when you don’t take action about any particular thing and only keep wishing for it and later on quit.You thinks I have experience failure and it keeps demotivating you.

 If you take action. you will not worry about it. In fact, you even don’t care about success or failure. Taking an action will give you an internal satisfaction. Success is always there waiting for you, Take a proper action to reach over there.

Respect In Society:

No one like Idle person Idle person, If you take continuous actions for your work.  it will create a better image in the society.

How To Deal With Depression:

Depression is one of the major hurdle in life, It impact you personally and professionally badly. I have told you some easy and most effective ways to deal with depression.

  • How were you able to deal with social anxiety and depression?
  • What are some of the most effective ways to fight depression?

Share with us in the comment section below.

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