How to live a Happy Life

How to live a Happy Life without Sadness (Detailed Study)

Why do people keep searching on the Internet:- How to live a Happy Life? OR
  • How to remove tension?
  • I want to be happy.
These are some sort of questions which clearly tells that the person is not happy at the moment and therefore searching for ways to happiness on the internet.

How to live a Happy Life
There are numerous reason for being unhappy.
  • Personal relations
  • The frustration of Office or Work
  • Unhealthy body
  • Loan Repayment Pressure etc
 In fact, There are also some conditions where people get upset without any reason.
If it is the situation then you don’t need to worry. It is normal and it will get alright after some time.
So, First, you have to know what is the reason for being upset?
Once you know the clear reason, You get better Idea to take the steps further to solve it.

 How to live a Happy Life?

 Secondly, I want to tell you that happiness is of 2 Types.
  • Short term happiness
  • Long-term happiness
 Average people or below than average people: Most of the time keep looking for short-term happiness.

Example of Short-term happiness are:

  • Playing game
  • Watching movies
  • Hanging out with a friend etc.
 Short time happiness is really short.
There is a happy hormone in our body which burst into mind for a short period and that’s what makes us happy. This is not a wise decision to look always only for short-term happiness.
You mainly need to focus on Long Term happiness. Genius people always look for long-term happiness and they also take the steps accordingly to achieve it.
It is the only path to fulfilling all your needs (Physically, Financially, Mentally and Spiritually) 
Here I am telling you some standard tips which would be really helpful to achieve Long-term Happiness.

How to live a Happy Life?

 Forget the Past:

This is the first & most effective way to be happy in the life. It is possible that your past was Pathetic, Good or Memorable.
Whatever your situation of the Past But now you are in present and you can’t change your past whether it was good or bad. So It’s better to focus on your present.

Some people have a habit to remain lost in the past. They always keep thinking about their past in free time. Like:

  • Those Days were good.
  • I missed those days. etc
 By doing so, They are also making their future bad. Thinking about past is good because it brings sweet memories and a smile on the face.
But always thinking about it is not good at all, In fact,  This is dangerous for you. Try to avoid it strictly If you are engaged in this habit.

Find Your Passion:

I strongly recommend finding your passion. People love to do work which they are Passionate about and They never feel like a job.

In my Case, Blogging is Passion 🙂

How to live a Happy Life

You may have your Passion, If you don’t have passion Then try to find it by exploring your interest and doing those work.

Passion will not come from the sky. You are the only one to find It. Once you Find the Passion Then you will start enjoying from very first Day.


 Set a Goal:

A life without a goal is full of distractions and Incomplete, You even don’t know what to do at what time? So this is highly important to have a goal.
If you have a Goal in your mind then things will be easy for you. After that, you just need to follow your goal to take the actions.
People always misunderstand about the Goal. Like:-
 I want to be a doctor
I want to be an engineer
Yes, These are also the example of goals but A goal can also be: Yearly, Monthly, weekly, Daily or Hourly.
You can also create short goals to work. The Best part of making a goal is- You are fully aware what to do next?
So there is a very rare chance that your time will get wasted. But If you don’t have any goal then, unfortunately, Couple of hours will definitely get wasted daily.
So having a goal is really important: Just make a goal and work for it.

Have Patience:

Having a patience is also equally important. If you don’t have patience then you can’t win this race. Patience is required in every aspect of the life.
Let’s suppose if you started a new business and you are not getting any profit. In that case, you must require patience.
You are not getting profit right now but you will get later so you just need to focus only towards it. If you quit that business then you are out of the race.
Let’s see one more Example:  An ill person also need patience with a hope to recover soon.
Patience is really important part of the life. It is also an old saying that “Patience is always sweet

Don’t think Much about Future:

Might be it seems strange to you but I would say yes, Don’t think much about Future. Thinking a lot about future create certain problems:
  • Confusion
  • Distraction
  • Depression
  • Frustration
It is good to plan for the future but overthinking will create these problems so you need to avoid it.
Rather It is the best choice to focus on the present and work for it by doing So, Your future would get awesome automatically.

Take Breaks for fun:

 Breaks are also necessary for the happy life. Keep working continuously without any break or without any holiday is not good at all.
You will get bored with the work whether you love it. On the other hand, If you take a break when necessary Then it would be awesome and you would remain energetic.

In the Last:

I have tried to tell you Important ways: How to live a Happy Life If you like this article Then Please share your thought in the comment section or

If you know any other way How to live a Happy Life Then Also, share with us

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