11 Golden ways: How to live a Stress free Life

“How to live a Stress free Life”??

There is always a time comes person start feeling demotivated, frustrated or angry due to any reason. These type of emotions are really dangerous for a human being.

It, not only affect  Personal, Professional and Social life. But, It also affects our health in a negative way. So, It is mandatory for us to stay away from these kinds of bad experience.

I Agree sometimes, It is not in our hand to control these emotions. But always try to stay out of it. Here I am telling you some of the easy ways by which will help you to know: How to live a Stress free Life

How to live a Stress free Life

Here are the Important things which you need to take care to live a life happily and stress free. These are some easy ways and you can easily implement this in your life.

How to live a Stress free Life



I believe this is one of the main reason you get trapped in the stress. Your past may be good, bad, pathetic or memorable. But, It was the past and which is gone. Now There is no need to think much and worry about it.

It may possible that you have made some mistakes in the past ( Big or small ). But, If you are regretting it continuously. Then it doesn’t make any sense.

You can’t change your past. Regret Is good to take a lesson Then move forward. Everyone makes mistakes and there is nothing much to worry.

If you regretting about your mistakes and not moving forward Then you are wasting your time because the past won’t to going to be changed,

If you keep thinking about it. You are also moving the present in the darkness. So, It is better to stay away from overthinking. Just leave in the present and be focused.

I don’t know what to do with my life

In a similar way, If you are upset by the absence of someone special in your life. Then It is also not a positive attitude.

There was a time when you have a lot of friends whom with you were hanging out, playing, enjoying.

Now At the present, you are lonely and don’t have any friend whom with you can hang out. Because your friends are living out of the city or country for the higher education or for the Jobs etc.

Now you are always missing them. By doing so, You are destroying precious time.

Nothing is permanent,  Life is all about change. You have to accept these changes of the life. If you are missing someone then take out the phone and call him or send a  message on Social Media.

Talk with him/her. Be relaxed and get back to the work. You can’t waste your time just like that “Time” is very precious and it keeps running 24*7.


There is two type of thoughts.

1) Good
2) Bad

Good thoughts are the good friend of a person. But, on the other hand, Bad thoughts are one of the biggest enemies of a person.

Why do most people get in trouble?

Yeah! It is because of the wrong thoughts.

How to live a Stress free Life


Small Story: How to live a Stress free Life

A thief was walking on the street at the night. He saw a man coming from another side.

Suddenly, A thought appeared in his mind:- ” I will steal the money from him” When He was stealing the money, At the moment Police comes and arrested the thief.

So, Here is the summary of this small story. Bad thoughts = Crime = Punishment = regret.

Would he commit any crime If that “Bad” thought does not come in his mind?

The answer is simply “No” He won’t.

This all happens because of the wrong thought.  So, It is better to always be alert and escape from those kinds of thoughts.


I guess you are already aware of the benefits of waking up early in the morning. Waking up early in the morning not only relaxed our mind It is also good for the health.

When you wake up early in the morning, you have more than 24 hours in a day.

you know what I mean ?

When you wake up early, you will get more hours in a day in which you can complete your work and utilise in an effective way.

At the end of the day, you will feel “Today was a long day and I have completed all the task easily”.

So, I suggest you make a habit of wake up early in the morning.

I agree it may be tough for you But, once you start waking up early for few days It will become your habit and you will start loving it.

How to get success in life easily


A Goal plays an important role in the life of a person. It helps the person to be more focused towards the work. “Goal” is really important, If you don’t have any goal you will feel distracted all the time.

A goal can be yearly, monthly, weekly or daily.

You can set a goal as per your requirement for better production.

Don’t you have any Goal?

No! Problem It’s never late to set any Goal. Just Make a Goal right now and think about the goal daily. It will get off into the heart and become easy to be focused on it.


This is one of the factors where most of the people don’t pay attention. The goal can’t be completed successfully until It is been done consistently.

Most of the people make a goal. They work on it few days, weeks or months and But once get distracted. Don’t feel shy to exit the Goal.

That’s why consistency is mandatory to achieve success.

There are many reasons for being consistent.

1) It makes you feel easy to work.
2) You become habitual to the work.
3) No burden on the mind.


Breaks are also an important part of the life schedule. You are not a machine that’s why you can’t perform the task 24*7 continuously.

You need, breaks for the relaxation of the body and mind after a proper time interval. A break not only Boost Your Mind But it will also help you to perform the work effectively and correctly.

You would not feel any burden in your mind. That is why I suggest you take a break after the proper time interval.

You can take short breaks of 10-15 minutes after every 2 or 3 hours and a weekly off “Sunday” or any other day as per your choice.


You can also plan for Hanging out with the friends in weekly off. It will give you the pleasure and also increases the knowledge.

You will go to new places, meet new people. It will tell you about their culture which may be beneficial for you. You can also find a new business opportunity for that particular area.

Never feel shy to Hang out alone or with friends. It would be good for you.

How to live a Stress free Life


Life is not easy you will find challenges everywhere being it Personal life, Professional life, Financial life or Social life.

You don’t need to fear with the challenges rather face those challenges bravely.

Let’s Look at this Example:

A person was doing a job in a company. Suddenly, The company gets closed and as a result Job of that person is gone.

Now, what He has to do? Does he regret the situation:- Why company get closed or Will he bravely search for another opportunity by roaming outside?

Definitely, He will search another opportunity.

This is what I mean “accept the challenge and face it ” This rule is applicable everywhere. So, don’t run away from the challenges, Just face it.

9) Keep Yourself Busy:-

This is really a positive attitude to keep yourself as busy as you can.

NOTE: Busy means to engage with the work without taking any burden on the mind and the body.

If you also keep yourself busy in the idle time. It’s great Because:

  • You can’t be attacked by Negative thoughts
  • Increase Production
  • Improves efficiency
  • Fast results.

10) Talk with someone:-

Sometimes It feels like You want to talk with someone who is close to you. You want to share something which is blowing in your mind.

At that moment talk with a person and share everything which blowing in you. It will make you feel better. It’s good to share the kinds of stuff with friends or any close one.

NOTE:- Keep in mind you are sharing only with a person whom you trust and It may not happen that Later He makes fun of it.

Which is better Business V/s Jobs?

How to live a Stress free Life

I have share you 10 Golden and most effective ways How to live a Stress free Life. I hope this post would be helpful for you. Implement these things’How to live a Stress free Life” whenever you feel stress and See the magic 🙂

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