How To Manage Your Time Effectively

If Someone asks about the most precious thing in the life, What it is?

  • Money
  • Gold
  • Property

No, These are much cheaper things, If You compare it with the TIME. Time is the most precious thing in the life.

If you have time then you can buy all these things whenever you want, Now look at it in a different way. If Unfortunately, You lost money There is a chance you can recover it sooner or Later But, Once Time is gone it will never come back to you.

Time is the most precious thing in the world and you need to utilize it in a very effective way.

How To Manage Your Time Effectively

How To Manage Your Time Effectively:

Unfortunately, I used to see many People who are wasting their time here and there on useless activities.

  • Gossiping with Other People for long hours,
  • Sitting Idle
  • Stupid arguments and many more.

Today in this Post I am going to tell you some wonderful tips, How To Manage Your Time Effectively. But, before going further I want to ask some questions from you.

Why You always have Shortage of Time?

Did You ask yourself why there is always a shortage or lack of time?


At the end of the day if you would become angry or Stressful because you are unable to complete the work at the particular time.

It will make your rest of the day “harsh”

How to Improve Time Management Skills

Accept it or Not But, Shortage of time has become our regular part of the life.

True Fact:

Did you ever realize why our Ancestors never required time management, Do they get 48 hours in a day or more? No This is not correct. Everyone get Only 24 hours in a day.

So, Why There is a Shortage of Time? Below I have given 5 Important Time management tips to Achieve Success

1) Set an Economical Goal:

Yeah, Goal is really important to do anything. It works as a blueprint. If you don’t have any goal Then It is like, you are on a journey but you don’t know where do you have to reach,

Would you able to reach at the right destination? NO

How To Manage Your Time Effectively

Economical Goals are of 2 Types:
  1. Common
  2. Definite
Common Goal:

I want To Earn money, I want to be more successful. This is the example of a common Goal. Because The Person doesn’t have any clear figure How much money does He want to Earn or How success does He want to be?

Definite Goal:

I want to earn Rs 10,000 in a month or I want to be a doctor, Engineer

Success Rate:

Chances of success increases as definite Goal you have,  Definite Economic Goal keeps sending the signal to your mind and always keep you aware. Let’s suppose:

If you are a shopkeeper and want to earn Rs 10,000 in a month.

You have a product which gives Rs 50 Profit. Now You are fully aware that I have to sell 200 Product in a month to achieve my Goal.

If You are working 25 days in a month Then Let’s do a math 200-25= 8

You must have to sell 8 products in a day to complete the Goal. Now You can’t make nay excuses.

2) Track Your Time:

Start tracking your time, This will give you a clear idea where your time is going?

Do this for few days and Then analyze All of the Time and activities which You have Tracked. It is must to track your time. If you want to find out the real cause of the shortage of time.

At this time, I know A thought will start coming on your mind “I already know” But, Don’t be get trapped by your thought and Start Tracking. This ‘ll be going to be helpful for you.

You can record it on Paper or any Application.

3) Do Important Task First:

Make a habit of Important task first, If you If you keep doing any work which comes in front of you whether It is not important. what are the Consequences?

You will lose all your time and energy in the work which is not much important and Finally, You don’t have time to complete the important tasks.

So, Don’t mix up Your work, Make a list of:

Important work
Less Important work
Not much Important

Do your work according to list and If at the end of the day you don’t get time to finish not much important work. That’s fine! In fact, This is not important at all, You can finish it any other day.

4) Organize Yourself:

An unorganized way is also one of the main reason to create the problems in the life.

What do you mean by an unorganized way?

Example:- I am going outside for a party Now when I am getting ready to go outside then I realize

“Where are my shoes”?

I start finding and lose 15 minutes. Why does it happen? That’s Because of an organized way. If shoes are kept it in a particular place Then I don’t have to waste 15 minutes.

Some people forget Important Files, books, wallet etc.

Make a habit of organizing the things to saves your Precious Time.

5) Set a Deadline:

Deadline is important and it has many benefits of having it. If you have given a particular task but there is no deadline for it.

Maybe you ‘ll be going who complete it in 2,3,5 or more days because you don’t have any deadline for it.

Now, see another example If the Same work has given to you from your office within 1 day.

Now for sure, you will be going to complete it on the same day. Why so much difference for the same work?

You are not doing the same work in 1 day at one Place, But, At another place, you are doing the same work in less than one day.

This is because of Deadline. It matters a lot. So,  start using it in your life and take the benefit from it.

How To Manage Your Time Effectively:

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