How to stop getting Distracted

How to stop getting Distracted

How to stop getting Distracted:

You wake up early in the morning with a fresh mood. You are very excited and feeling energetic,

So, you have started for a day. Take a bath, breakfast and get ready for the work.

Suddenly, after a couple of minutes, you have started feeling distractions. Some kind of negative thoughts running in your mind which is making your distracted and scared.

This is the story of every third person. Distractions play a dangerous role for a person with regards to Success.

If you want to be a successful person Then You need to avoid distraction at any Cost.

How to stop getting Distracted:

Distractions are the biggest hindrance to success. Today, In this post I am going to tell you 7 Most Effective ways “How to stop getting Distracted”

1) Make a Goal:

This is the most important factor for distractions. If You want to avoid distractions. First and foremost work is to make a Goal.

If you have a Goal and really serious about it Then 50% of the work is almost done.

You won’t feel distracted until You are focused towards the Goal.

2) Don’t Prosticanate:

It is a very bad habit to Prosticanate towards work. This habit is being found in lazy persons.

You always need to be active in your work. Never avoid your work for Later or Tomorrow.

Make a habit of doing work at the present moment.

How to stop getting Distracted

3) To Do List:

This is one of the common mistakes which results in the growth of distractions, You don’t have any to do list.

Ok, tell me, when you don’t know what to do next after completing any particular task.

So, what will happen? Definitely, you would get distracted

So, To avoid this simply make a To-do list. Let’s see an example of To do List.

  • Wake up early
  • Take a Bath
  • Get Ready
  • Start Task 1
  • After Completing it, Task 2
  • Task 2 finish- Take a rest of 10-minutes.
  • Start work again & So on

This was just a sample of to do list. You can make it according to your requirement.

Believe me, To do list is very effective to increase productivity.

4) Smaller Tasks:

It is really difficult to always complete big tasks.

Most of the people or not able to follow it on a regular basis & Big tasks often result in to quit of the work.

So what to do?

You can simply focus on a smaller task and Be Regular to it. In fact, It is really easy to follow smaller task on a regular basis.

Run 10 Km a Day:- I think it’s really hard for everyone to do on a regular basis.

Run 500 meter a Day:- Anyone can simply follow it including children.

How to stop getting Distracted:

If you run 10 km a day for 2,3 days and Then quit. You ‘ll not get any benefit But On the Other Hand, If you run 500 meters daily for 1 month. You ‘ll highly be benefitted by it.

  • It will keep you active
  • Fit body
  • Fresh mood
  • Keep you from disease etc.

That’s why It is recommended to stay focused on smaller Goals.

5) Set a Deadline:

It is also important to set a deadline for the work otherwise it will make you lazy in order to Complete it.

You have a deadline, Now it will keep reminding you to stay focused and to complete it on time.

Simple but very effective Tip.

6) Learn to Say No:

There are some external distractions which impact your performance and productivity.

So you have to learn to say no to all those things. Let’s See an example.

Mr. A is very busy with his work. He is almost doing it perfectly. Suddenly he gets a phone call from his friend “B”

So, Tell me what He needs to do?

Does He needs to attend the Call and gossip 40-45 minutes Or He should disconnect the phone?

If He ‘d attend the call, It will distract him from the Goal, routine and won’t be able to complete the work before the deadline which obviously going to result in less productivity.

So, He can simply attend the phone call and talk with his friend in a very polite manner for 1 or 2 minutes and suddenly apologize to him:

I am really sorry as I have to disconnect the call. I am engaged with some difficult tasks, I ‘ll surely call back to you.

Disconnect the phone call & Get Ready for the work.

If you don’t have any use of social media Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Then you need to avoid frequently using it.

In Modern age, This is also one of the main reason for getting distracted. Once You Login into Facebook.

You will be going to see some interesting Posts, Pictures, discussions and You ‘ll definitely be lost into it and spent a couple of hours.

So, Avoid frequently using it, If you don’t need.

7) Make Discipline:

Make a discipline in your tasks. It shouldn’t be like:

One day you are doing work in the morning and another day afternoon or night. You need to be very disciplined:- what work should be done at what time?

Above I told you 7 most effective way.

How to stop getting Distracted:

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