how to stop wasting time and start living your life

How To Stop Wasting Time And Start Living Your Life

Are you the one who always lost in the thoughts which are full of regrets regarding the Past Or worries of Future?

You need to understand, this is not going to help you. Do you really want to see positive changes in life?

how to stop wasting time and start living your life

Here! I am going to tell you some simple and effective ways which can make a huge difference Stop Wasting Time And Start Living Life.

1. Plan Your Day:

Planning is important in every aspect of life. It helps you to be more productive.

You can’t get satisfactory performance without a proper plan.
Great planning can help you to achieve fruitful results with little efforts.

2. Multi-Tasking is Dangerous:

In today’s world, People are highly engaged with multi-tasking. You think It would be a game-changer and to finish the work in an efficient manner.

But, In reality, that’s not the case. It is a myth in which you are trapped.

Forget about the fruitful result of multi-taking. In fact, you won’t be to achieve even satisfactory result at the end of the movie.

To achieve the best result, It is mandatory your mind should be focused towards one particular point at a time.

What Happens In Multi-Tasking?

You try to focus on many things in a single shot. As a result, it makes you totally distracted. 

You are not a robot. You are human. It is better to focus on a single thing at a particular time to get positive results.

3. Use A Timer:

When you start doing work with the help of a small timer, You can do wonders for your performance.

how to stop wasting time and start living your life


  • It helps you to stay focused.
  • You try to finish the work before the deadline.
  • Helps you to do more in less time.
  • You can track your activities, break etc which helps you to analyze the complete movie of yours.
  • You can make improvements in the schedule.

There is a lot of benefit for using a timer. Once you start using a timer. You would find a huge space of improvement which you can implement in your schedule to make some positive changes.

Life is too short to waste. Every moment it’s precious. Think about it.

4. Know End Spot:

Have you ever check what is your start time and end time? when you start doing something.

If not then do it once, You would find productivity has increased. why is it so?

Because your mind works that way, When the mind is cautious it gives best results.

You and your mind are not different. In this scenario, Your mind becomes extremely attentive because it knows about the end spot.

Stop Wasting Time And Start Living Life

Every minute is giving a signal to mind time is passing. Let’s do the task finish as soon as possible.

In another case, when you do not know about end spot. You don’t have any idea when the task has to finish.

You and your partner “mind” becomes lazy. Both of you talk with each other. Dude! There is no end time. Let’s relax and chill. We will do this work task complete some other time.

This results in laziness, un-productivity, stress etc. It’s better to give better results with an awesome cake “know your end spot”.

5. Avoid Procrastination:

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of yours. It always invites you to the party and the worst part you never say No.

You always repeat this mistake without any regret.

What Is Procrastination?

Procrastination is the mistake of delaying the work intentionally without any reason.

Mr A has given a task on the Friday morning which has to be completed till Monday evening.

Mr A starts talking to himself, I have more than 2 days. I can complete it easily until Monday evening. Friday passed and He still thinks 1 day more left which is more than enough.

Saturday also passed away from his eyes. On Sunday, He planned to hang out with his friends. So! He hasn’t left anyway to do the work.

On Sunday evening he felt tired and go to bed for having relaxed sleep. Who cares for the work?

On Monday morning, He is in college where he finds it almost difficult to complete that assignment.

At last, He wasn’t able to complete that assignment without any reason.

Was there any worthy reason? No! It was all about laziness, free mind thoughts etc.

Reasons for Procrastination:

  • Laziness
  • Perfection (Waiting for the perfect time, which never comes)
  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of focus
  • Low Energy

Repeatedly procrastination makes you lazy which is dangerous for you. Save yourself from the wind of procrastination otherwise, It is going to destroy you.

6. No Excuse Deadline:

You are expert in making excuses. In your shop, almost every type of excuses are available for all situations.

What makes you drop an excuse side? Do you think you are intelligent enough to handle the situations by playing some ultimate excuses shot?

No! You are not, It is not worth to take help of “Mr Excuse” for your laziness and procrastination.

It is not going to help you rather it is making you dull day by day and also degrading your performance.

Forget about the success, You can’t even get a good result If you try to live in excuse zone.

Rise! above the circle of excuse and start taking action. There are many wonderful things to do.

Many opportunities, goals are only waiting for you. Say Hi! and give a green signal to tell Yes! I am ready.

Take action and you are on the way to receive some precious gifts.

7. Make A Schedule:

Schedule plays an important role. You are all aware of:

  • To do list
  • Deadline
  • Breaks

A proper schedule not only helps you with Time-Management. It also decreases mind pressure, enhances performance and makes you feel relax.

You can also utilize free time in fun activities.

8. Pomodoro Techniques:

Did you know about the Pomodoro Technique? This is a wonderful Time-Mangement method.

This method is developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. It is designed in such a way that you feel energetic and relaxes all the time.

What you do? when you start doing something. Either you ‘d not take any break and keeps doing work continuously which result in tiredness and frustration. OR

You will take long breaks and less work. Both are not good for you.

The Pomodoro method is designed in such a manner where you can take many short term breaks along with the work.

It is not going to reduce your productivity rather It helps you to enhance it.

Francesco Cirillo divided work proportion of 25 minutes with a short i.e break of 5-7 min. It means to take a 5-minute break after 25 minutes to get relax.

You can also customize it as per own. Whether:-

  • 30 & 5 Minutes
  • 40 & 10 Minutes
  • 60 & 15 Minutes

This method is ultimate, It keeps you relax and focused.

9. Avoid Distraction:

Distractions are dangerous for your world. In the real sense, Distractions are your true enemy but you never think so.

If you want to roam around in the park of success. You have to build own house far away from the distraction zone.

What are distractions?

  • You start working, Suddenly you received a message. You start reading and further reply to move the conversation ahead. Now, You are in another city. Who cares for the work?
  • You are doing something, Phone rings and you received it. You are listening to the words “Hey! where are you? Let’s meet”. Why would you miss this chance? Work is always reserved for free time.

These are a few examples of distraction. They are a lot more. You can see and co-relate it with your life.

Stop Wasting Time And Start Living Life

Try to escape yourself from distraction. Always do the work with a focused mind to get the best results.

10. Take Action:

Do not throw yourself in past and future. Be in present and think accordingly.

You don’t have any control over the past and future. Both are going to give you regrets, worries and uncertainties.

The best thing you can do is to take action in the right direction to get better results.

11. Breaks Are Saver:

Breaks are like free chocolates, Who doesn’t like chocolates? This Breaks are powerful and can make a huge difference. It makes you energetic and relaxed.

You are not a robot and It’s almost impossible to work all the time without taking any break.

Breaks are mandatory, It helps you to finish the work in an efficient manner.

You can make a great impact on your performance with the help of this small cake.

10-15 min breaks are worth instead of working 6 hours all along without any party.

Working continuously makes you tired, less productive. In this situation, It becomes extremely hard to do the work with a focused mind.

Make a proper balance between your work and the breaks. If you want to rock your kingdom.

12. Set Goals:

how to stop wasting time and start living your life

Life becomes boring if you live without goals. Have you ever asked these questions to yourself?

  • What are my Goals?
  • What do I want in my life?
  • Which things makes me happy?
  • What I am dreaming about?

You will get the answer, Set a goal and work for it honestly. You ‘d start feeling happy when you start chasing the goal. That feeling is awesome which can’t be described in words.

Stop Wasting Time And Start Living Life:

  • What are the reasons which are forcing you to not take any positive action?
  • What is your daily schedule?
  • Did you set any goal for you?
  • What is your strategy to Stop Wasting Time And Start Living Life?

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  1. Hi Sameer ,
    It is really very helpful to me..
    Most of the above listed topics are similar to mine..
    I hope that your answers would help me change my way of life.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Jagadeesh,

      Follow the things which are mentioned and see positive changes in life. Thanks for taking the time to read the article.

      Hope to see you soon 🙂

    1. Hi Udit

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  2. Amazing Information. Thanks For Sharing. Living a good life is very easy but due to our karma, we got diverted from our natural qualities of our soul.

    1. Hi Ravi,

      Glad, You like the post. Yes! you are correct it’s easy to live a good life only we make the life complicated. Keep visiting 🙂

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