lessons learned in life

55 Lessons Learned In Life Has The Answer To Everything.

Important lessons learned in life

You learn so many important things during the journey of life. Some by your experience, mistakes and with the help of Others.

If I talk about the life lesson. There is a countless number of the lesson which can be learned in this short life.

I am here telling about 55 important lessons learned in life.

  1. Obstacles are present only during life. At the time of death, Everyone makes the path clear.
  2. The Truth of life is: “A person becomes a memory in a moment.”
  3. The area of the desires is limitless. It is better if you leave as per the necessities.
  4. The heart is pure in nature. It will take any color as you want to put on it. (Truth, Lie, Honesty, Fraud etc)
  5. Don’t try to get success in the world by comprising with your soul.
  6. Gold, Silver, and Money are not better in any way than your pure soul.
  7. The ways in this world are simple and easy. The problems are with one’s who have started in the wrong direction.
  8. If you are able to find your soul whether by losing your money. Still, It’s a great deal.
  9. If you are facing any problem. Start looking for the opportunity. Every problem comes with a great opportunity.
  10. Never put your anger at the place where you have to disclose by yourself that I am angry.
  11. Sometimes for their mean & sometimes for show off. Everyone is playing in this world.
  12. Life is like a Cigar. Keep enjoying it. Although it’s burning and will be going to finish one day.
  13. Don’t be selfish, Time teaches everyone A Lesson.
  14. I don’t want to stand on the crowd. In fact, I want to be a person for whom the crowd is gathered.
  15. One thing I have learned from the colors. If you want to glow then you have to scatter.
  16. The ages are passing in the movement of scales. Sometimes relation’s are getting heavy & Sometimes desires.
  17. When breath leaves the body It’s a common thing. The big thing is when our close one leaves us.
  18. Every tomorrow is an opportunity to improve your life.
  19. There is no life without any struggle.

Valuable Lessons learned in Life:

    20. The goal of life is there should be a goal in our life.

     21. A person does not deceive another person rather expectations deceive which he keeps from others.

     22. If that was death, then surely one day It ‘ll become mine.

     23.  If you want to love something in this life Then start loving your sadness Because it’s the rule of Life. The thing which you love most far away goes far away.

    24. You will find definitely find the destination if you keep working hard with the right approach & misguided are those people who did not come out of their houses to even try.

    25. When a person comes to know what life is? Till then half of the cycle has been already passed.

    26. It is an ending of life, not relations.

    27. Never expect from anyone, Expectations always lead to the pain

    28. Peoples are always ready to catch all those things which are done for their mean.

    29. Those lessons are not present in the books which you have learned from the world.

    30.The toughest work the world is to find a person who really cares about you.

    31. Don’t flow on emotions & subject yourself to anyone.

    32. Do not trust anyone except yourself and the ALMIGHTY.

    33. You were used to telling a lot of lie in the day but even though you were so true. This was the time you were a child.

    34. If faces changes then it’s ok but when attitude changes. It’s bizarre.

Important Lessons Learned In Life:

   35. Relation needs to happen with the soul, not by words and Anger needs to happen with words, not by soul

   36. If there is something happening in your life mournful. Start getting your act together and be ready to see the positive changes.

   37. There is no benefit of fighting with others. Shooting a bridge is a lot way better.

   38. There is a difference between Desire and necessity & The age is passing by balancing both.

   39. I don’t like to put fire on others. If anyone feels jealous by my simplicity. It’s not my fault.

   40. No one likes to read chapter otherwise every drop of the eyes are the whole book.

   41. If you leave with simplicity, Everyone will be going to love you.

   42. Life is too short to hate someone or to worry. Keep moving and smiling 🙂

   43. Hungry stomach, empty pocket, fake love teaches you many things in life.

   44. Don’t be much worried about life, In the end, no one will be alive.

   45. Every change is difficult in the start but the result is always worth.

   46. Do not think too much, The thing will be going to change only when you take some action.

   47. The most important thing in life is happiness regardless of money, property etc

   48. You can Learn a lot of things from your past mistakes but it is going to be beneficial only when you truly learn from it

   49. Everyone is running in this blind race and No one wants to realize own potential and interest.

   50.If you can change your bad habits. It’s really a great achievement.

   51. Thing changes and friends go away. Life did not wait for anyone.

   52. Always be grateful to the ALMIGHTY for what you have and keep on trying for the improvement.

   53.If you keep focusing on the things which you don’t have. You will get distracted and won’t be able to do other things in a positive manner.

   54.If you can think about it. You can also achieve it.

   55. The best investment is to invest in yourself.

lessons learned in life
Valuable lessons learned in life

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