Golden Rules: Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Life liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

There are many moments in the life where you feel like Confused, Sad or distracted? Sometimes for a reason and Sometimes without any reason.

It is normal If it happens after a proper interval/gap But It is serious and needs to consider If it happens frequently. Have you ever Notice What is that ? & Why It happens?

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Did you ever want to know: What are the golden secrets of life? Don’t worry, In this post, I am going to share you 3 golden rules of life.

 Meaning Of Life:

Life is a beautiful gift of ALMIGHTY. Everyone should leave his life to the fullest. There are many belief regarding life.
Some people even believe that They will be given the chance of rebirth after death. But this is just a Myth, Life has given for a once.
In this single Life, You have to do all the things which you required and which you dream of.
  • Your passion
  • Your family OR
  •  Dream.
Life is too short to hate someone, I really feel sad when I see most of the people keeps fighting with each other in the Name of:
  • Religion
  • Background
  • Power
  • Politics.
 You strictly need to avoid these things. Don’t try to fight with others Rather try to share love among the people.
This will save your lot of time and helps you to move forward towards your life goal with the positive thoughts in your mind.
If you do engage in negative activities like:
  • Fighting
  • Jealousy with others

In that case, Your mind and heart also don’t go to support you. You will not be able to focus anywhere rather you will feel irritated or angry all the time.

So it’s better to avoid these things in life. Life is too short to hate, enjoy every moment of the life.

Important things: Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

There are some most Important things in Life which You need to take care, These will also remain same with the life.

Live at the present:

 Always try to live in the present and don’t regret your past mistakes. No One Is Perfect in the World and mistakes happen by everyone.
So, Never feel regret about past mistakes and spoil your present & future. Just concentrate on your present and Do the things which you like and live happily.
Don’t even think about yesterday because that is the past Now. In fact, 10 minutes ago is also a past and you don’t need to worry about that.
Just try to focus on your present, It is the only way which will make your future bright. I will suggest you even Don’t over think about future, This will also create many confusion.
If you are focusing on present very well. Then, definitely, your future will be going to bright.

Learn from Mistakes:

 Is a very good attitude to learn from your mistakes. If you made any mistake, Don’t get upset and Try to learn from those mistakes.
No mistake is waste. Although, There are some benefits of mistakes.
Experiences:- you got to learn that what you have done wrong in the past and what not to do in the future. You better understand the right way.
Opportunities: Mistakes also open new opportunities. In fact many awesome opportunities for you. I am not going to explain this deeply. As I am giving much focus on the Topic But  You can co-relate it by yourself.
If you are unsure about this and would like to know. Please Let me know in the comment section below. I will be happy to give you many real-life examples.

You are the Only one:

 Just remember one thing in Life that: you are the only one who is going to support you.
  • Your Thoughts,
  • Your Dreams.
  • Goals.
 If you are waiting for someone who is going to support you and you are really dependent on any other person then you are wasting your time.
You have to do it yourself and If you ever feel demotivated or Low confident and wish to have a person who is going to support you.
So, just walk to the mirror and see in it.

Be Different: Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

 In this world, Most of the people are doing the race with the blind crowd. They are not realizing their inner power, capacity, passion, and dream.
There is a lot of difference.
  • Being spend the life.
  • live the Life.
 So what do you want to do with the life? Do you want to spend it, which most of the people are already doing. Living life without Goal.
You just want to make your life exciting by living it with your Life goals.
Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Think! Once what will happen? If you start following the Goal. How exciting your life would be? You will start loving the life.
Every day will bring New Ideas, Opportunities which will not only keep you happy and alive. But, It will also be going to Boom your future and career.

Enjoy little moment:

 Don’t wait only for big moments for happiness, I mean to say don’t wait for any particular occasion to be happy. You can also be happy on the regular basis. If you start living or enjoying short happy moments of the life.
  • Meeting with friend
  • Promotion
  • Celebrating any small success
  • Completion of Tiny Goals

Help Others:

 In Today’s world, People are going selfish day by day. They are so busy in their life and Don’t have any time to talk with others.
This hectic schedule or habit making them frustrated with life and Those people are also missing a lovely experience of the life which comes after helping others.
If you help the one which is Needy. At that moment, you will feel the lovely feeling in your heart which couldn’t be spoken in the words.

How can you help others?

It is not necessary that you can help others only with the money. There are many ways to help others.
  •  If anyone is hungry then you can donate food to him.
  • Unfortunately, There are many poor fellows who are wearing dirty and pathetic clothes. They don’t have money to buy clothes. You can provide them clothes

I even know a very good way to help poor people which will also be going contributed to the development of Society and Nation.

You can give some free time to the children’s of the poor fellow. You can teach them. This really going to benefit & help them. This will also boost your Confidence as a Teacher, leader & Speaker.
Those poor people don’t have much money to give the fees in the school for their children Studies 🙁 In Real, They don’t have any sense about education.
They are just leaving their life without any goal 🙁 If you teach their children, It will give them a new sense of seeing the life and They will pray for you.


 I love this word “Liberty”. Everyone in the world has a right to live with liberty.
Are you really free? or just you have added the miss assumption and living the life without any goal or Aim? If you are not following your passion, Life goals or your Desire. Then,
I don’t say you are Liberate person
A person is not living his life live with liberty until He starts running for his Goal, Dream or Passion.
  • You have the liberty to dream.
  • You have the liberty to go with your passion.
  • Full Liberty to follow your Goal.
  • You have a liberty to enjoy your Success and Failures.
 If you are not following your Passion, Dreams Then How can you liberate? So, why are you not following it? Did anyone stop you or You are just feeling lazy to chase Dreams?
Success is Easy If you follow It and Really difficult If you don’t go for It.

Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

 A person is Half alive, If he is not chasing the Life Dreams. Don’t look at others or Don’t think about others. You have full liberty to live your life as you want. So go for it without wasting your time.
Note: Your dream should be legal which is good for you and also the nation.
Don’t think just Negatively, i.e “I have a full liberty to do whatever I want to do”.
Liberty  means to follow your Passion, Dreams:
  •  If you want to be a businessman Go for it.
  • If you want to be an artist, Go for it. OR
  • Want to be a Teacher, Go for it.

Don’t care about anyone.

life liberty and the pursuit of happiness

The Pursuit of the Happiness??

 Life Liberty and The pursuit of Happiness. So! What are you doing with happiness? Waiting for it or you are just creating it. Happiness will not come to you rather You have to create those happy moments.
So start working on It, First, you have to know what makes you happy?
Is it money?
Is it passion?
Relationship or anything else?

In the Last:

 Above I have shared 3 main Golden rule: Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness with you which I have learned from my Experiences.
There can be some mistakes or It may possible that anyone may not agree with my vision. But, I have tried to present this in a very better way. So it can be helpful for you.
I hope you will like this Post: Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness
Please do share your thoughts about the Post: Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness in the comment. section below. If you know any other golden rule of the life. Please share with us by commenting below.
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