How to live a happy life

How To Live A Happy Life.

Sometimes! You pass through the situation where life seems boring, You become frustrated or depressed with life. Don’t become sad if you are going with the same situation. Take a deep breath and get relax.

You are a human and it’s normal. Life is full of ups and down. Sometimes you are high with the height of pleasures and on the other second, you can also hit the road with the collection of sadness.

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Golden Rules: Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Life liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

There are many moments in the life where you feel like Confused, Sad or distracted? Sometimes for a reason and Sometimes without any reason.

It is normal If it happens after a proper interval/gap But It is serious and needs to consider If it happens frequently. Have you ever Notice What is that ? & Why It happens? Read More