what should i do with my life

10 Things You Should Never Do in Life at any Cost

what should I do with my life

There are many things in the Life which You need to strictly avoid to live a life happily.

In this Post, I am telling you about those things. What should I do with my life & What Should You Never do.

1) Don’t Expect Anything:

Today world is changing every day, If we look back at the life 10-15 years. You ‘ll be able to core-relate and get to know World is completely changed.

Love among People is decreasing day by day. If we look back Then You ‘ll realize, How awesome life was at that time. People were so caring, love to celebrate any festival, Occasion or Party with each Other.

But, As of Now. People are rude, selfish. They don’t care about anything or any person.

I don’t blame any person. This is not their mistake, Life is moving too fast and everyone is busy in the Race.

That’s why do not expect anything from anyone even with friends. what should I do with my life

2) Don’t Hurt Anyone:

Never try to hurt anyone in the life Being it: Child, Old, Poor or Any Other. Have you heard about Karma? I am sure, you must have.

What is karma? Karma is the same reaction which comes back to you. It simply means If you hurt anyone, Sooner or Later You should face the same experience.

Never Try to Hurt Anyone. In fact, Help other, Spread Love. It ‘ll help you in the Success and be staying Happy.

3) Take care of Yourself:

It is also necessary to take care of your own body and mind. What Does It mean?

Suppose if you are doing work Then It if not a right way that You keep on working 15-18 hours without taking a break.

It is Possible, But, If you do so Then You ‘ll get tired and not able to work tomorrow effectively.

Now Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you don’t do work Rather Keep a Proper balance between work and the Rest.

what should i do with my life

4) Give Respect to Others:

Respect your elders, You got to learn many things from their experiences. Don’t understand their knowledge.

If you have little time, sit with them They ‘ll teach you some Interesting facts about the life.

You should children and be-cooperative with them. Don’t try to show your seniority and anger to them.

5) Don’t Share your Life Goals:

Don’t share your Goal with other people. Why? Well, It completely depends on you. You can take this advice or not.

You can find by yourself why am I saying this?

6) Spend Money Carefully:

Money is a most important thing and basic requirement of the life. Everyone is running blindly towards it.

So, when it comes to spending it? Choose Carefully, Don’t spend money on useless things. Avoid Buying expensive gadgets, Branded things etc. If, It is not required.

7) Never Scare of Failures:

No one perfect in the world, If you are to doing something definitely you can make mistake. You will also be going to learn from those mistakes which will help you further.

Never be scare of making mistakes or Failures

8) Express Your Feelings:

Don’t be shy to express your feelings. If something is running in your mind and you want to express it to someone. Just do it

It is better to clear it from mind Rather of being regret Later.

There are Some occasions where you feel shy to express your feeling and regret it later.

I learn this from my experiences, There were some situations Where I don’t express my feelings and Sometimes, regret about It.

I wish You don’t have to face same experience. It is recommended Express Yourself Clearly.

9) Never Abuse Anyone:

Abusing anyone is really pathetic. If you are abusing anyone. Does It ‘ll give you money Or any Gift?

Why are abusing anyone? It is showing your weak mind. Those people frequently become angry who are having a weak mind.

Strong people never get angry, Even If you are ready to fight with them. They take all the actions carefully.

If you are having a habit of getting angry frequently. Don’t worry it can be changed.

10) Never make Yourself Down:

Life is full of challenges. Sometime It will take you UP & sometime DOWN. You have to enjoy the flow of the Life.

If you are at high level Then Enjoy, If you are at the bottom level at that time Learn something. But Never Feel Upset, Sad or discourage.

This is How Life goes on. Your awesome time is about to come.

What Should I do with my Life:

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