Which Is Better Business Or Job

6 Secret: Which Is Better Business Or Job Only A Handful Of People Know

There is a huge number of People who used to search on Google Which is better Business or Job?

In fact, This question has also been searched by the people of every country. No matter which country you are from?

Everyone wants to know the better answer.

You just came across this post, It probably means you are currently doing business or want to start a business. But, Feeling Confused?

Which is better Business or Job?

Don’t worry Here I ‘ll try to give you the best possible difference which can help you to know the better answer.

Although, I am a huge Fan of business and also motivate people’s for It. If you too are interested in the business that’s really great.

What to choose Business or Job?

I would like to tell you why I strongly recommend business instead of the job?.

I can interrelate each other appropriately because I have also worked 15 months with Bank of America.

My experience of working at Bank of America was really awesome, I enjoyed working there But,  after 15 months I quit my job Because I want to explore myself to go with my passion.


I am pointing out the difference below why business is far better than a Job?

Business Vs Jobs:

1) No Freedom:

This is the major drawback of the job. You have to totally remain bounded in the job because you are going to work under others.

In fact, You may also have to miss many important occasions. like: The wedding of close ones, important events etc.

I have missed many weddings of my dear and near ones during my job. So this was the first and a major drawback of job that you won’t have any freedom.

2) No Creativity:

There is almost no creativity in the job at all. So In most of the cases, You can’t be a creative person. There is a general blueprint of the work and you have to follow it strictly throughout the tenure.

Otherwise, you will be out of the Job 😀

3) Hard Work Gets Wasted:

You must have listened since childhood hard work never gets wasted. But, this rule is not to apply here.

A job is the only place where your hard work is going to be wasted.

Note: I am not talking about all the jobs. But, In more than 95% corporate or any other jobs.

An exception is always there. Rest 5% is an exceptional case.

Which Is Better Business Or Job

Let’s come to the point why I have said that your hard work will be going to be wasted?.

I am telling you the real example of my job and you can relate this to any job.

At Bank of America, We were in the process where I and our team has to solve customer applications.

Most of the member’s in my team process almost 150 applications daily including me even there were some cool dude’s who are more than happy while processing 100-120.

There was a guy in our team who is also my good. He was always on the top of the list when it comes about processing the applications.

He was doing splendid work. The guy used to process 180 applications in a day, sometimes even crossing 200 applications.

To process 200 applications has become the regular part of his routine. One day he has surprised everyone.

He has achieved a new mark to process 250 applications in a single day. All managers & high authorities were happy with his performance.

He continuously repeated his performance over months.

So, what’s the final reward he got?

  • Does he get increment in salary?
  • Does he get a promotion before time?

No, If he would do that for the next few years, Even though he wouldn’t get rewards before time as per his potential and hard work.

It might possible to achieve some sort of tiny rewards. But, nothing more than that.

In fact, Not all companies also provide awards But there are some good companies which provide appreciating awards to its employee to motivate them.

Like- Bank of America.

So, Finally, what’s the result of working hard without break, fun throughout the year?

Don’t you think your hard work gets wasted and unfortunately, you feel disappointed at the end of the year?

4) Live within Limits:

You would strictly have to remain within your limits. You have chosen for a particular task and you can’t do anything extra apart from it.
You can’t do any:
  • Extra work,
  • Creative work,
  • No chance to exposure of talent
That’s how you get stuck in the limits.

5) Work Load:

Sometimes you have to face a lot of challenging work or much load of work due to high volume and which has to be completed in a short span of time.
Which Is Better Business Or Job
In this situation, You are in pressure to finish the work before the deadline. Now don’t miss understand that you won’t get any workload on business?.
You would definitely face:
  • Challenging work,
  • High volume
  • Huge pressure

Even conditions are going to be more critical here. In job each month, you get a fixed salary.

In business, there is a time where you found yourself nowhere. Money is not coming in and you keep giving expenses from your pocket. So, what’ll be the situation?

Yes! stress start moving up.

But, still there are some points which make me favor business:
  • You have complete Freedom to work in the day or night whenever you feel comfortable.
  • Don’t have to answer anyone.
  • You are the only Boss.

6) Rude Behavior:

 This is an extremely pathetic experience which junior employees generally have to face i.e rude behavior of higher authority, Managers etc.
Now, when I am talking about the manager.  I would also like to share my experiences with the manager of my team “Sourabh Dutta”
Bank of America was my first job, It was so much fun working over there. I have some sweet memories of the place.
This all become possible due to my team manager Sourabh Dutta who helps me to make this experience memorable & I don’t have words to appreciate him.
He was truly a gentleman who used to treats everyone in the team as a family.
He can solve any Issue at a faster rate which is unspoken. Whether It is:-
    •  To manage work balance among the team,
    • To resolve the fight between two Associates
  • If Associates asking for holidays in critical condition 😀

Sometimes, I missed my manager. But, Not every employee are fortunate to get such a manager.

This is a rare chance anyone finds such a wonderful manager otherwise the majority of the people have to face rude manager or grumpy senior.
Unfortunately, If you have to work with crabby or chippy manager Then your job life will be going to miserable.

Which is better Business or Job?

I have mentioned the major drawbacks of Job as compared to the business. Now You have to think what would be the best option for you?

I personally recommend you to try for business.

If you are doing a full-time job Then don’t leave it instantly. You can start a side business once you start getting profits.

You can quit the job and easily go with the full-time business. Business is an art. You can expand it as much as you want.

There are some important things which you strongly need to take care of while starting the business.

  • First make your mind for it, otherwise, You ‘ll feel distracted, If you start with half interest and which will result in the vanish of business after some time.
  • If you are planning to do real-life business. research about the product which is in the most demand to your desired location. It can be Food business, Cloth, shoe etc (If you are planning for a food business, Please do Invite me to the Party) 😀
  • You need to have Patience, In business, There is no guarantee. How many days it take to earn a smart income?. But, once you are settled well in the business, You can earn smartly.

Always Remember:

I have tried to tell you about the major differences between  Business or Job. I hope you like this article and It would be of great help to remove your confusion:- 

Which is better Business or Job?

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If you know any other better difference which I did not point out in this post or want to share your thoughts Why having your own business is better?

Please share with us by commenting below.

You can ask your questions or thoughts in the comment section. I would love to answer them.

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