Why do i feel like crying for no reason

Why Do You Feel Like Crying For No Reason

Sometimes you go through the situation where you feel upset and boredom without any reason.

You start thinking “what has happened to me”?  Why am I feeling this way?
This is a normal thing and you don’t need to worry about it. Everything is going to happen alright.

Here I am telling you the major reasons “Why do I feel like crying for no reason”?

Why do i feel like crying for no reason
Crying for no reason

1) Loneliness:

Loneliness is the topmost reason which makes you sad or upset.
Everyone in life needs support, attachment & love.

Love is the most beautiful feeling. On the other hand, Loneliness is a critical period.

Symptoms Of Loneliness:

Let’s take some action to finish the loneliness. You can do many things to kill the loneliness

  • Cross the boundary of the room
  • Hang out with friend’s.
  • Travelling
  • Meet new people.

Be Engage in the above mentioned activities. Believe me, You would find yourself in a better position.

2) Regrets:

Do you regret about something which has happened in the past?
It is also one of the major reason which makes you upset.

This is not a sensible approach to regret on those decisions which you had taken in the past.

By regretting on the things over which you have no control push you towards destruction which is going to make you incapable & lame.

You won’t be able to take the better decision in present or future. If you keep swimming in the regret pool.

Past is gone, Present is moving and the future is about to come. Enjoy the moments of the present and work for the future.

The moment which is running will become your past and If you didn’t live it well. You also going to regret it in future.

Be calm, Feel the moments and just enjoy it.

3) Memories Kills:

Memories are so painful. Everyone had some good and bad memories in the past.

When you try to recall some golden memories from the list. It makes you emotional.

At that moment, You wish to live those memories again. Unfortunately Now, The world has changed. Maybe the person whom with you were in the movie is not a part of your life anymore.

It is better to move forward and try to make some new memories.
There is nothing wrong if you want to meet with the person if it’s available.

But, The saddest part is when the person is not a part of your life and you keep thinking about the person all the time.

By doing so, You are wasting your golden moments which you can utilize in other things which is worth.

It’s totally illogical to think much about the person. Please change this attitude and move forward in life.

Lots of golden moments and interesting person is about to come in your life. Say Hi! to them

Crying For No Reason:

Have you ever feel like crying for no reason? If yes, Then what’s the reason and how you deal with the situation.

Share with us in the comment section below.

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One thought on “Why Do You Feel Like Crying For No Reason

  1. Hormone fluctuation is a certainly a trigger as well.in the 70s my mother was an emotional well i dont want to say wreck but she wept quite alot .a doctor told her it was hormones…don’t know wether she had blood work to find out but it would seem her estrogen was up quite a bit

  2. It’s a lot easier to say stop thinking about that person then doing it, especially when you don’t really know where you stand anymore just like with my marriage. He has been gone for months now on business since he got on at an asphalt company. I feel even more like things are not the same and never will be when he’s away like this and it’s so hard to meet anyone new

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