Nothing makes me happy anymore

Why Nothing Makes Me Happy Anymore

Does it happens with you that you suddenly start feeling boredom, upset and depressed?.

Everything seems to go against your favour. No fun exist in your life. At that time you start feeling low and demotivated.

Here I am giving you the 5 major reasons Why do you feel ” Why Nothing Makes me Happy Anymore”

Nothing makes me happy anymore

1. You Are Tired And Exhausted:

This one of the main reason when you start feeling Nothing Makes me Happy Anymore.

You feel upset because you engage yourself too much in the work and don’t have time for own.

You finish 1 task and immediately jump to another section of work. It makes you frustrated and tired.

You simply need a discipline. Once you finish your task, Give some time to relax yourself

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you to stop the work once 1 task is complete.

It doesn’t mean to put off your shoes rather I just want to convey. After the completion of task give some to relax and charged up for another task.

If you are taking 1-2 hours to finish a task. You can simply take 5-10 minutes break which is totally worth.

You can have a glass of water during that time OR take some deep breath. Moving the body for some time in a break is also a great option.

2. Bored Channel:

Boredom is also a major challenge which makes you feel unhappy or upset. Boredom starts when nothing excited is going out in your life.

You are engaged with the same activity in daily life. This is the point where no fun revolves around you.

Want to shift “Bored channel to a fun channel”? Come out from your comfort zone and start doing creative things OR something new.

This ‘ll surely give you memorable pleasure.

3. Overwhelmed Chapter Needs To Be Closed:

You are so innocent that you are running blindly in a crowded race and not paying attention to your own priorities.

Once You wake up to check your smartphone is the first priority. First thought to check out the facebook.

You start scrolling the post and found some interesting posts and also few stupid posts which makes you angry.

After seeing a stupid post. You are in an angry mood and want to flush out the anger by commenting on it. You were writing a comment. Suddenly! you got a message on Whatsapp from a group.

Now! You seem to be in a hurry to post a comment on facebook and land towards WhatsApp group.

You have lost 1 valuable hour with no productivity. Now you are late for school, college OR Job whatever you do.

You are overwhelmed from the starting of the day. You are repeating the same mistake every day.

Now! wondering, Yes I am doing this mistake. But, what’s the solution?

Yes! The solution is present which is simple and effective. You can schedule a time to check out social media platforms in a day.

Let’s you have chosen a time to check it at night at 9:00 PM. So, Now take responsibilities of your priorities and don’t check Facebook in a day other than 9:00 PM at night.

4. Loneliness:

Loneliness is critical, Some people like loneliness and some try to escape from it. That’s particularly specific which rooms you like to live in?

Loneliness can be the reason which is making you unhappy. Try to come out of it.

You can do many things to give hand to your loneliness.

  • Hang Out with friends.
  • Travelling
  • Visit Park
  • Talk with People

5. Negative Self Talks and Doubt:

You are such a talkative person which keeps talking all day. No matter what you are doing:

  • Travelling,
  • Sitting idle,
  • Alone in a room

Who is the person whom with you talk daily? Yes! that’s you. When there is a positive talk it makes you motivated and fulfilled with high energy.

Unfortunately, For you, that’s not the case, You always talk about negativity and self-doubt which makes you demotivated, unhappy and low energy.

You need to change this habit. Full yourself with

  • Motivated Zone
  • Positive Talks

Most of the things you think about your life never happen. Stop expecting and judging future results.

Why Nothing Makes me Happy Anymore:

I have told you the 5 major reasons why nothing makes you happy anymore. Take some actions to get away from it and drive in a pool of happiness.

Is there any other reason which makes you unhappy? What you do when you are unhappy?

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